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Gravitas [mass noun] is defined as: Dignity, seriousness, or solemnity of manner “a post for which he has the expertise and gravitas”.

Gravitas is a critical skill for leaders, but many are unaware as to how they come across. Trying to act with authority can be seen as too strong or pushy, lacking empathy with others, or too stiff and superficial. Many leaders struggle to get buy-in from key stakeholders due to lack of awareness of their audiences’ needs and their own personal impact.

Leaders are always being judged, from the water-cooler to the evening networking meeting you must convey yourself in the correct way. Gravitas can be improved by developing an authentic personal brand. With greater gravitas, those you lead will be more secure in your leadership authority and more motivated, loyal and hard working, helping you gain the competitive edge.

Marcus-Wolf’s bespoke leadership presentation programme identifies each individual’s strengths and manages weaknesses. It teaches you to play to your strengths ensuring your message is delivered every time – at any time – with confidence, presence, strength and authenticity.

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As a leader you are constantly standing in a spotlight. It can be an extremely exposing and vulnerable position. Your key audiences will be making constant judgements about your ability to lead.

55% of a first impression is based on a leader’s physicality, 38% is based on their vocal delivery and only 7% is based on the word content of the message. Your emotional and physical state is always affecting your physicality and voice – that elusive 93%. As a leader, you have a responsibility to yourself, the shareholders, your employees and the organisation to enhance your skills in these practical areas. If you only concentrate on the 7% of content without fine tuning the other 93% you are constantly diffusing your impact.

Developing greater impact depends on identifying and playing to your individual, authentic presentation style, skills and strengths. The message must be clearly planned out to meet the needs of your individual key audiences, be they one to one-thousand. Your communication strategy must be well developed and practised, to ensure it can be delivered effectively at any time.

It makes sense to ensure that your leadership impact presentation style is proactively developed rather than passively endure. Winging it is a costly option.

Marcus-Wolf’s bespoke leadership presentation programme identifies each individual’s strengths and manages weaknesses. It teaches you to use your strengths to increase the impact you have on your audiences, and ensuring their buy-in to your message.

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As a leader representing your organisation, you are marketing your services in an environment characterised by volatility: on one hand you have a sceptical public that has been so bombarded by marketing messages, spin and promises (that may or may not be delivered) that they are becoming hardened and mistrustful as a result. On the other hand you have volatile employees who easily become ambassadors or saboteurs of your organisation depending on whether or not they like their immediate boss.

The old style of dictatorial leadership has gone and has given way to emotional intelligent, highly skilled presenters who can grade and level their delivery presentation styles in ways that are authentic, promote trust, and connect to the audiences’ needs whilst being fully fine tuned to the messages they are impacting.

Many senior people would rather die that public speak. But this has a huge impact on the way these audiences see the organisation – as inarticulate with no clear aims of objectives. A great leader will know how to tailor his key messages to each of these audiences to create compelling delivery achieving exacting audience buy-ins.

If leaders are coached to enhance these skills and strengths, and know when to use them, it can greatly increase their impact, influence, style and presence. Indeed, these skills are vital if a leader wants to step up to the mark.

Marcus-Wolf’s bespoke leadership presentation programmes enhance an individual’s leadership impact and influence so that they are more able to engage, inspire, promote trust and manage the expectations of all their differing key audiences. In identifying a leader’s strengths (and also managing their weaknesses) the individual will become ambassadorial in their leadership style helping them gain the competitive edge.

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75% of leaders in the City believe they are being judged in the same harsh and unrelenting light as their political counterparts in their need to win support and guard against threats. It makes sense then that leaders who are increasingly asked to be in the spotlight enhance their communication style to create trust and engagement from all their audiences – from employees to the investors.

Research also shows that employee engagement correlates with business performance, and improving engagement can improve performance. It follows then that leaders who engage well, and improve their engagement, can drive forward business performance.

Winning requires clear goals, felt motivations and communicated passion. To become a better, more effective leader, you must fine-tune your presentation skills, gravitas and other leadership skills, in a way that is authentic to you, so you can always deliver messages easily and effectively to any audience. This requires self-awareness, identification and development of strengths, management of weaknesses and practise.

Practise is key as with it come confidence and gravitas, thus further ensuring your audiences buy-in to your message. As you develop into a stronger leader, your audiences grow in confidence and with their greater engagement and buy-in to your messages comes business growth.

Marcus-Wolf’s bespoke leadership presentation programmes identify each individual’s strengths (and manages weaknesses), teaching you to adapt your messages for each audience, grow in confidence and be a more effective, higher performing leader.

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