Large Global Financial Services Firm

The Challenge

A new CEO wanted to achieve early and sustainable success in his role, by presenting his company with a completely new structure. He needed to be well equipped to present effectively and inspirationally during and following this process. Engaging a diverse range of audiences was key. Being promoted from the role of Sales Director, the CEO believed that early success lay in enhancing his own personal and professional image so that the company maintained and developed its winning reputation.

The Solution

Initially the CEO was not very self-aware of his impact on others. He was acting from a place of uncertainty, and was inauthentic as a result, which showed. In exploring his relationship management strengths (emotional intelligence) and raising his physical and vocal awareness, Marcus-Wolf then focused on how he could improve his delivery skills and key message content planning in the different contexts in which he was delivering his key messages.

    The Results

  • The process was very results focused. The CEO has developed an authentic style of impact leadership presentation and, with this foundation, is using practical tools and strategies for getting the most out of colleagues. This has released his time and enhanced trusting and respectful working relationships
  • There is increased team motivation and quality of actions
  • As respect for him grows, he is finding he has more control and influence in leading the company forward. He is building a top team that delivers without him sitting on their shoulders; so making the organisation truly competitive in its market place
  • The CEO is able to deliver clear and well structured presentations, at little notice, without an unhealthy reliance on scripts and slides
  • He is building an ambassadorial public persona and regularly achieves top marks when invited to speak externally
  • Marcus-Wolf regularly helps to support the senior managers in the communication of organisational strategy