Major Communications Company

The Challenge

A senior technical director recognised that she required personalised leadership presentation development that complemented her high level of technical knowledge – boosting confidence and ensuring impact and clarity whilst communicating to all levels in her critical leadership role.

The Solution

Marcus-Wolf worked to develop an impact leadership presentation style, through heightening the director’s self-awareness and self-confidence, so that she was able present authentically and impressively in any situation. Marcus-Wolf created a programme that developed the director’s preparation and delivery skills, and focussed on methods of presenting complex technical data clearly and with impact. This enabled the director to consistently deliver clear, effective and compelling presentations.

The Results

  • The director has an ambassadorial leadership style and presence, and with this foundation, is confidently moving towards the fulfilment of the desire of becoming more effective in inspiring others to action
  • She has a compelling and authentic use of voice and physicality technique that can be graded and levelled to support impact communication, increase inner confidence and enhance connectedness to others
  • She is increasingly more effective in impacting her key messages (both during presentations and whilst communicating in person) using strategic planning, preparation and evaluation techniques
  • Marcus-Wolf is the organisation’s lead consultant in supporting talented and emerging leaders in their communication development