Top Barrister

The Challenge

A mid-life career change led a professional client to study law at the Bar. On changing career, his poor professional image and lack of confidence in public speaking placed him in an unfavourable position compared to his peers. Marcus-Wolf was engaged to develop a confident personal image, self-belief and the presentation skills that would outshine his competitors.

The Solution

Marcus-Wolf developed a bespoke coaching programme to ensure success in the critical skills needed for this high profile role. Focus was placed on developing the physical aspects of presentation, stage presence and articulation to ensure that the message had impact. Self-knowledge input was used to identify the root fear of public speaking, and the barrister then worked to develop a fine-tuned interpersonal and presentation style. There is good research to show that senior executives who work to raise their game in developing new ways of using their emotional intelligence improve their social interaction and business performance.

    The Results

  • The client has achieved accelerated high respect within his new profession as a barrister
  • He is able to fuse the personal and professional aspects of presentation  consistently delivering key messages with gravitas and impact
  • He is skilfully managing a diverse range of relationships through fine tuned interpersonal and emotional intelligence techniques
  • He has a presentation style that is compelling, unique and inimitable