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Marcus-Wolf was founded in 2004 as a solution to the growing need for business leaders to step up to the plate. The founder, Nicolette Wolf, recognised that the highest performing companies seemed to have the best presenters in place, and that there is an intrinsic connection between the perception of the brand and the personality of its leader. However, Nicolette found that many senior people, whilst technically excellent in what they do, have poor skills in presenting messages with impact. They lack the presence and interpersonal skills needed to effectively mirror the brand values – the very essence – of the companies they represent. This can have serious detrimental effects on personal / organisational strategic goal results.

After much research into the issues / weaknesses and opportunities faced by business leaders in projecting the right messages, Nicolette’s background as a professionally trained actor and educator gave her insight into how best to help leaders transform their leadership presentation impact.

It’s not new news that “people buy into people.” It has been proven that senior executives who have significant skills in relationship management increase their individual profitability by 390% in comparison with those who lack in these areas. Nicolette Wolf recognised that whilst many emerging / prominent leaders had attended “one size fits all” presentation training courses delivered by either actors or PowerPoint specialists during their careers, they were still unable to develop an authentic (and hence compelling) style of delivery that played to their individual strengths.

Marcus-Wolf was formed to help those in senior management roles develop unique personal communication styles that allow them to engage, inspire, build trust and manage the expectations of their internal and external audiences – and to do this with vision and purpose.

Marcus-wolf works with those in Senior Management enhancing their commercial and personal success by transforming leaders’ presentations skills.

Marcus-Wolf’s bespoke leadership presentation programmes explore every aspect of engaging an audience using voice delivery, physicality and the spoken word. Programmes are developed on a bespoke basis for each individual leader to ensure they are developing and playing to their strengths. Each client learns how to use their strengths to deliver an authentic, believable and powerful message, helping them gain the respect and following of their various audiences – from team members to shareholders.

Marcus-Wolf recognises that leadership presentation is a critical success factor in building a commercially successful brand; many people, when asked, can’t differentiate the reputation of a leader from the reputation or success of a company. The Marcus-Wolf method uses emotional intelligence techniques to make the most of who you are, working from the inside out to develop your unique personal brand, and building an individual, authentic style of presentation which is both genuine and relaxed.

The Marcus-Wolf approach focuses on five key areas:
– Building a sound understanding of the needs of the organisation and the individual
– Developing self-awareness / individuality
– Developing an ambassadorial leadership style and expert, practical presentation delivery skills
– Planning key message content
– Developing excellent interpersonal communication skills in order to lead and influence effectively at every level

As leaders, you have a responsibility to yourselves, shareholders, employees and the organisation to enhance your skills in these practical areas. Click here to read some of our Case Studies for examples of the benefits we’ve achieved for our clients.

Since its foundation in 2004, Marcus-Wolf has grown to be a highly successful leadership presentation consultancy, delivering bespoke programmes to individual leaders and groups of emerging leaders in over 60 major companies. Marcus-Wolf has helped the good become better than good and the strugglers to achieve efficiency. Feedback is always positive, goals are consistently achieved and many clients work with us over a period of years, to implement the Marcus-Wolf approach throughout their leadership teams.

A list of some of our clients is below, and please click here to see the Our Work page for examples of benefits we’ve delivered for our clients.

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Nicolette Wolf
Nicolette WolfFounder / Principal Consultant

About Nicolette Wolf

Nicolette Wolf trained as an opera singer at the London College of Music, and actor at Mountview Theatre School. She has sung and acted in the West End, on television and film and presented radio programmes. In her early career Nicolette began training business people who were nervous about presenting and wanted to learn basic acting skills to grow in confidence. She began to research and develop an approach to help leaders develop their own unique presentation style by playing to their strengths, and founded Marcus-Wolf in 2004 to deliver bespoke leadership presentation programmes to individual leaders.
Nicolette has been Head of the Voice Department of the Birmingham Academy of Music and a coach in Media Training. Since founding Marcus-Wolf she has become an accredited adult educator with Warwick University and has also studied at the University of Oxford, gaining a Diploma in Theological Studies. Nicolette now contributes to leadership development programmes nationally and internationally, and as an Educator at Duke University Executive Education. She is also regularly invited to write editorials and speak on leadership presentation.
Nicolette has explored every aspect of engaging an audience using voice delivery, physicality and the spoken word. Her experience has demonstrated that the only way individuals can give a compelling performance is by expressing their own unique personality in an open and truthful manner, enhanced by the use of excellent presentation and relationship management techniques. She believes that success comes from transparency and integrity; and these are the values which drive her work. Nicolette has delivered leadership presentation coaching to over 250 clients, successfully helping each leader to maximise their impact and achieve their visions of success. Click here to read examples of the benefits delivered.

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